About Us

Founded in Belfast in 2024, Lace Labs is a shoelace and sneaker accessory retailer.

Our Story

At Lace Labs, our mission is to empower individuals to express themselves through innovative shoelace and sneaker customization accessories.

Our goal is to inspire creativity, foster confidence, and cultivate a community where every step is a statement of individuality.

We’re redefining personal style at the intersection of fashion, footwear and art, and we’re doing it one shoelace at a time. Join us in standing out in a world of mass production

Our Collection
  • Choose whichever colour you need to give your shoe a new look.

  • Laces too long? Lets solve it. Use our size guide to find the perfect length of laces for your shoes!

  • Place your order. When your laces arrive, use our step by step lacing tutorials for your preferred style and watch your shoes transform completely

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Laces Out Liverpool 2024

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